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Pump Installation – Wells for Zoë
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This well is sponsored by a 92 year old Lady in the UK. She heard about our wells from Br Michael, the prior of the St John of God Community in Mzuzu. Her most generous gift has made so many villagers happy today, as their water source was contaminated and caused much illness. The picture shows Br Michael lashing out the Clean Water, with ease. 

With the donation came this beautiful letter from Moira, herself. What an amazing piece from a 93 year old: 

I am very much aware of the need for clean water in many places, especially Africa and we see girls having to walk miles for brackish water which very often causes disease and infection. What a hard life they have. Having a well, brings health and well being to these poor people and also releases the girls so that they are able to attend school and have a more satisfying life. We in the West don't always want to think of such matters and take SO MUCH GRANTED.

What I offer (the donation for the pump), causes me no hardship - I lay it at the feet of our loving Lord. Yes, I hope the Lord will be pleased with what I offer Him through these poor people but I do not see it as amounting to very much. As a young girl I always drank cold water. It was so refreshing, so I always had great sympathy for those without this privilege. May the Lord and His Holy Mother enfold you in Their Love and shower blessings on all that you do in Their name.


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-11.513889, 33.937500     see on map

Pump no.


Dist. from Factory (km)


Village Head / Group Village Head


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Previous Water Source

open well

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Pump Dedication / Donor

Moira Kelly,
Moira's Well,
Widnes, England