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Sandy Rimmington – Wells for Zoë
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Sandy Rimmington

After a discussion with my Career Guidance Teacher in Cork Leaving Cert College, I decided to pursue my interest in international development. I began my studies in International Development and Food Policy in University College Cork in 2006. As part of this course you spend part of your 3rd year with an NGO. I spent my time in Kolkata, India with the Hope Foundation. This, along with my course, gave me a much greater understanding of what is required of both volunteers and NGOs to make particular projects succeed.

After finishing college I pursued different interests but always felt a strong draw back to development where I think my knowledge of the field and passion can be a strong benefit. This brought me to Wells for Zoë where their grassroots approach very much appealed to my interest in development.

Visited Malawi

Oct-Dec 2017

Kevin, Laura, Áine & Sandy’s Vlogs