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Áine Bogue – Wells for Zoë
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Áine Bogue

Coming from a Cork family with strong values on social equality, I have always sought a career in helping others. In Ireland, I am a Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist working with the HSE. I work with children aged from 1-18 years with speech, language and communication difficulties.

A long time ago, my father, who was involved in international development, encouraged me to get involved in overseas development projects if I ever had the opportunity.

So when the opportunity arose, I jumped on it! I have always had a yearning to go to Africa and, after much research, Malawi and Wells For Zoë seemed like a good fit! Girls education and empowering women is my passion!

Visited Malawi

Oct-Dec 2017

Kevin, Laura, Áine & Sandy’s Vlogs