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shop Archives – Wells for Zoë
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Girls in long dresses!

7th February 2018: Closing the Charity Shop has given us an opportunity to help some local communities. Most ball dresses we have got over the six years appear to have been a one night affair, but it looks like these dresses will get another chance.   Johanna on...

Halloween Costume from w4z shop

Halloween Costume from w4z Shop

31st October 2015: These are three Brazilian students  after their purchase in our Charity shop in Queen St Smithfield Dublin 7. The outfit was a real winner as they headed to their Halloween celebrations...

The w4z shop staff

The w4z shop staff

19th September 2015: Our shop in Queen St., Smithfield, Dublin 7 is run by volunteers, who are amazing and unbelievably generous. From Left: Mary Whittle, Abdulla, Mary, Bernie, Mary Gillespie and myself....

Way past Easter

6th May 2015: For the first time in six weeks I joined our volunteers in the Charity Shop in Queen Street. Bernie (seen here) Mary and Abdulla were on today and they claim that I was more or less in the way. Bernie got a notion that this...