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Another Preschool on the move – Wells for Zoë
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Another Preschool on the move

27th September 2017:

Miriam with the preschool group with the bricks in the background.


FROM: Miriam

VENUE: Waying preschool

PEOPLE PRESENT: Group Village Head Wayinga Singini, caregivers, some committee members, children, and Wells for Zoë team.

We visited Wayinga preschool on our way to Mgomphola preschool and we find children with their teachers and the GVH were there to see how children are doing. The caregivers had their workshop at the factory already and they are doing a great work.

The good thing with this area is that people are united on development of their area mainly on childrens education. Since last year the children are learning under a tree, during rainy season they are using the caregiver’s kitchen  for the shelter.

This time they have moulded the bricks and it is ready for building a preschool. They are looking for support of iron sheet and cement for the building, the GVH have given them a free land.

The GVH thanked Wells for Zoë team for coming and visiting the preschool  it is part of encouraging them to go on with the good work they are doing.

It is a much organised area and self help group of women are taking part in moulding bricks and some of the group members are the caregivers who are working as volunteers.


Preschool Blog:

We keep the following information about all our preschools, getting a little more organised as we go along:


Wayinga preschool

27th September 2017

Hard working people on children education, the preschool started 2016 children are learning under a tree. The community have moulded bricks to build a preschool for their children and the GVH have given them a free place to build the preschool knowing that education is the key to success, they are thinking for there children. This is the first time to have preschool at this area.Children at first were waiting for primary school at 6. They are very happy for this development



Area:   Lupaso
Group Village Head:  Wayinga Singini
Village Head:  Hardson Singini
Name of Local MP:  Uncle Josey
Name of Local Counsellor:  Samuel Gondwe
Name of Location:  Lupasoi
When was School Established:  2016
Do they have a building:  no
When was is it built:
Type of  building:
Is there a Kitchen:  No
Is there a Toilet:  Yes
Does the Toilets have doors:  No
Are there porridge ladies:  Yes
Is there school committee:  Yes
Is there church involved:  No
Is the school registered with social welfare:  Yes
Is the school part of a CBO:  Yes
Number of children:  42
Number of caregivers:  4
Do care givers get paid:  No
Time to school from furthest house hold:  45 mins
Time to nearest primary school:  10 mins
Time to nearest secondary school:  1hr
Contact: Kondwani Shawa:  0885746169
Are there girls with MSEC who could be trained as trainers:  Yes
Could they get a little money:  Yes



S: 11 24 38
E: 33 59 04



Wells for Zoë

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