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“Wells for Zoe should stay forever” – Wells for Zoë
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“Wells for Zoe should stay forever”

10th April 2017:

The Chief in his address wants Wells for Zoë to remain forever while expressing his gratitude for the first pump, ever, in his village.

Everyone is so happy and thankful to God and Wells for Zoë



District:  Mzimba
Area:  Kalweya
Village:  Zambalale
Distance from factory: 128 km
Depth of well:  6.5 meters
Former water source:  open well
Furthest from well:  700 meters
Number served:  126 families
Preschool:  None
Primary school:  40 mins
Secondary school:  40 mins



S: 11 52 05
E: 33 26 24



Blessings Mgawa: 0884050331



Eric and Nora Neville and family, Dublin, Ireland


Pump Number


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