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First Pump, ever, in this area – Wells for Zoë
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First Pump, ever, in this area

It is hard to imagine in our 21st Century, globalised World that some of the poorest still have no access to clean water, but today these 104 very happy families.

There has been a big water problem in the area. People were using same dirty  water  together with their animals. Other were using open wells which most of time dries up during dry season. many children die each year from Cholera and diarrhea.  They are happy now because the have  dug a well  and have a new pump installed. They have pumped water for the  first time, and it is clean and safe and close to their homes.


They have sang and prayed for your aunt, Boss and wish her a long life. (Most of the villagers had left for a funeral before this picture was taken.)

W4Z has promised to dig more wells because the area is very big. They wish W4Z a long stay so that many villages should benefit.



District:  Mzimba
Area:  Kalweya
Village: Kanweramalo
Distance from factory:  120 km
Depth of well:  6.1 meters
Former water source: open well
Furthest from well:  650 meters
Number served:  104 families
Preschool:  None
Primary school:  25 mins
Secondary school:  2 hrs



S: 11 52 43
E: 33 27 23



Mr. L. Nyirongo :  0883561837



For Nonie Weir, Age 98, on her birthday.
Dublin, Ireland and not forgetting Roscommon


Pump Number


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