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Pump for a village and a school – Wells for Zoë
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Pump for a village and a school

27th March 2017:

The village and the school had a lot of problems on  how to get water for cooking and drinking. Children had to carry water from home in small bottles for drinking. Women had to walk 4 kilometres to get water. Now since W4Z has installed a pump in the area they are so thankful and now School children are getting water very near.



District: Mzimba
Area:  Kamuteteka
Village: Kamwazamuchenga
Distance from factory:  136 km
Depth of well:  4.5 meters
Former water source: open well
Furthest from well:  700 meters
Number served:  120[b] families and a primary school[/b]
Preschool:  10 mins
Primary school:  10 mins
Secondary school:  1;30 mins



S: 11 49 16,
E: 33 20 26



Linted Gausi : 0888203080



Bon Secours Community,  Cork, Ireland


Pump Number


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