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The Heavy Hitters – Wells for Zoë
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The Heavy Hitters

25th March 2017:

This may look like a chat in the shade, but far from it, it’s really serious business.

It shows Mary on the left with Miriam, head of preschools and Florence, head of the girl child project and our community liaison person, with Senior Group Village Headman (GVH), beside his right hand man, Andrea Moyo, GVH.

Also attending but out of picture were 7 other GVH’s and many involved in preschools in this large area around Ecaiwendeni about 30km North of Mzuzu.

The meeting was called to look at how the 19 preschools in the area were progressing and to arrange more training for the caregivers.

I was brought along to drive, but also to elicit support for our new project on green manure and pesticidal plants we are developing. When we added in our push for re-afforestation, it looked like pushing an open door so interested were they.

The meeting was extremely positive and it was so enlightening to observe close up the local structure of traditional governance operating in a really professional manner.

Last of all, on the extreme left is the most important man in the group, the father of the Senior GVH, who, at 98, is an inspiring character.

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