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Beating Cholera every day – Wells for Zoë
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Beating Cholera every day

23rd March 2017:

In October last we took on this new area, Rhumpi, in Malawi’s Northern Region after outbreaks of cholera had taken many lives earlier in the year. This is the area of the Tumbuka people, who have tried for years, they say, to get adequate clean water buy neither the Government or NGO’s helped.

A representative of the King of the Tumbuka nation talked to our people about providing clean water to 8,500 families and of course we got to work almost immediately, because that’s what we do.

The visit this week brings another 12 pumps to an area where women and girls were travelling long distances to a water source of dubious quality. For less than €1 per person we have solved their problem, less than the price of a bottle of water in Ireland.  This pump is technically appropriate in that if it develops a problem the women will be able to fix it.

On World Water Day, we applaud our amazing donors and our equally amazing Malawian workers who manufacture and install this great little hand pump, mainly with products manufactured in Malawi.



District:  Rhumpi
Area:  Bhota
Village:  Sangvka
Distance from factory:  92 km
Depth of well:  5.6 meters
Former water source: open well
Furthest from well:  400 meters
Number served:  115 families
Preschool:  35 mins
Primary school:  60 mins
Secondary school:  90 mins



S: 10 55 47
E: 33 39 43



Luika Gondwe: 0884228880



Fethard ICA, Tipperary, Ireland


Pump Number


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